Jumaat, 29 April 2011

I am human


In a corner of the world
Someone is hungry
Someone is homeless
Someone is hurting
That SOMEONE could be YOU
People LIVE here
Without light
Out of sight
Is that right?

I'm an average Joe
Just trying to make ends meet
Can i make a difference?

One day
In a corner of the world
A light went on
An idea was born
I am the difference
Between justice and injustice
Between right and wrong
the voice went on
when someone takes a stand
I am the end of poverty
I am a different path
Its never too late
I am belief in your humanity
I am saving the world one island at a time
I am a wave of compassion
I am the end of ignorance
I am the call of human rights
I am human
Love can change the world
I am jobs not jail
I am clean water
I am the hand that clean all mankind
I am light and gift of vision
I am the heart that keeps the child alive
Before its to late
I am the dream that becomes reality
I am greening our industry
What about now

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