Isnin, 28 April 2014

Online Journalism is a threat to Malaysian peace and harmony

 Online journalism has become a major importance in Malaysia nowadays. Many Malaysian citizens have become more intellectual in getting their information and they don’t rely mostly on the print media itself. Online journalism can become a tendency towards changing the mind of the people and the power of the message that had been conveyed to manipulate the minds of people. First of all what is online journalism? Online journalism can be classified as a reporting news or story facts and evidence when it is distributed in the internet.

But nowadays, online journalism has become a platform for some people to become journalist of their own. Much online journalism such as a registered company tend to think that they have the privilege to say whatever they want to say without thinking about the consequences that can affect many people and also affect the country itself. 

The above website is a popular blog that always spread rumours about bad things that does not have any evidence but more likely to make allegation base on the logical thinking itself. Many readers that want to gain information about bad things that Malaysian leaders have done is from this blog. As I mention just now, online journalism is a place where people can say whatever they want whenever they want on what matters they want without being scared of the law applied by the printed media. The internet is a place for people to express their opinion base on any resource that they think it’s true. That is what’s happening in our country. Some people say maybe our current government will fall because of the role the internet has played. The power of the internet can be seen in the missing plane MH370 whereby many of our citizens has spread rumours and speculation about the missing airplane and many people believe on that speculation rather than believing the print media itself. Why? Because the information given in the internet is more rather than the printed media and we all know that basic human instinct, people want excessive information about what they are curious about

As we can see, the speculation about MH370 really affects the mind of the citizen thus it gave them false information about things that are not certain. This can be a reflection towards Online Journalism. Online Journalism is a powerful tool on moulding people’s mind and like the speculation of MH370, the speculation about bad things that happens in Malaysia can destroy the peace and harmony of Malaysia.