Isnin, 28 Mac 2011

Strange are the times

Sometimes i feel like crying,
now and then i feel like dying,
sometimes i feel like living.
I guess all this things make me human,
i feel on many occasion only to rise and discover the distance i created between me and my own reflection.
I study it, it studied my face
to wrapped up in a material race
i tried to look beyond myself
I'm desperately in need of some serious help
i had some issues that need to be dealt with
cause I'm walking the street all senseless
Amazing how many smiles we fake
promises we make and vows we brake
the end is in the making and all that which has been given is to be taken

notice how, how we differently move around
how the stars vanish after suns come out
how all streams stream to warm the ocean flow
tell me how strange are the times
they who dont know life
those who dont know what they want
people who cant get along
struggling getting by

strange are the times
life just a game ALL of us must play
Run Crawl everyone falls
where do we belong tonight
strange are the times